SugarSync 2GB–Free Online storages Sugarsync

SugarSync 2GB – upgrade to 5GB for free

The sync tool “Sugar Sync file manager” are available for various operation systems, including mobile gadgets,  unfortunately there is no linux version. However, this is the end of story, I tried installation this windows “Sugar Sync file manager” on my Fedora 13 14 via wine and Windows XP on VirtualBox. Both work well. Upload can be made on files or a folder. It is very handy. A bit drawback, the space can be filled very easily and upload is slow.  The files can be access at a dedicated web site names for each user, eg There is a promotion, you can get additional 500mb storage on top of 2GB when you sign up and complete steps listed in Get Started panel. I got 2500MB, which is enough for personal use.

Personally, I use sugarsync management software on wine. it works very well. You can easily access/sync folders at your linux file system and share with sugarsync.

This facility is ranked as No1 by a review

I recently played a bit SugarSync. It is very cool. the function that I like it most is the File Sync Manager on each of my desktops. I install this on 3 desktops and all desktops login to a common SugarSync account. Setting up a few folders to share/sync between computers. When I add files to one of these Sync-folders, it will automatically and instantly synchronize contents of other desktop. Very nice tool.

Adrive 50GB

Dropbox 2GB


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  1. I just found out that sugarsync on wine can’t sync automatically if you make changes on linux or create new file on linux than save it in the sugarsync folder. In order to resync you must restart your sugarsync otherwise it will be no sync. Have you noticed that too ?


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