Address Book (Contacts) between jpilot, evolution, outlook

Address Book (Contacts) between jpilot, evolution, outlook

jpilot is my primary PDA manager. I use it to sync with palm T5 on linux. It works well. However, because evolution is my mailer on linux. I want addressbook, calendar can be sync between jpilot and evolution. Sync amongst jpilot (Palm T5), evolution and outlook is a multi-lane traffic, some directions  are tested road, some remains todo tasks.

  • Jpilot -> Evolution,  Addressbook from jpilot to Evolution.  at jpilot, export addressbook to a vcard file, at evolution, import this vcard file into contacts. quite easy
  • Jpilot->Outlook (via evolution),  Addressbook from jpilot to outlook.  complete the above step (jpilot to evolution), create a mapi account at evolution (must have evolution-mapi installed for exchange server  2007 and above, or evolution-exchange for exchange server 2003) to connect to exchange sever. click send/receive to sync; fire up outlook to sync outlook with exchange sever, jpilot addressbook to outlook, done!
  • Outlook -> Evolution, Addressbook from outlook to evolution is easy.
    • export contacts at outlook as *pst file, import into evolution via evolution-pst
    • ar evolution with evolution-mapi installed, create a evo-mapi account. login. go to Contacts of the mapi account, select all contacts, save as a vcard. go back to File->import-import from single file, select that vcard file, import it to a contact list “on this computer”. Done.
  • jpilot <=> outlook, direct routes between these two remains a big TODO.
  • jpilot <=> evolution is a big unknown too.


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