New words, new story

I always read mails from fedora linux forum for tips, fix or work-arounds. It is very easy to pick up a few good/new words. I am interested to make a collection of them. Some may link to a good story.

  • blatantly. The Rev.Lawrence Lucas is way out of line. His blatantly anti-Semitic statements Monday were not the stuff of tempered judgment. Or of moral leadership. Or of human sensitivity.
  • perpetually seemingly uninterrupted constantly
  • tyro Mark Latham is a tyro journalist.
  • A casting vote is a vote given to the presiding officer of a council or legislative body to resolve a deadlock and which can be exercised only when such a deadlock exists.
  • Loss of supply occurs where a government in a parliamentary democracy using the Westminster System or a system derived from it is denied a supply of treasury or exchequer funds, by whichever house or houses of parliament or head of state is constitutionally entitled to grant and deny supply. A defeat on a budgetary vote is one such way by which supply can be denied. Loss of supply is interpreted as indicating a loss of confidence in the government.


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