My Linux

I addict to linux. I have been playing/working with linux for many years, since redhat 4, 5??, Can’t remember where I started. In fact I started with unix, it was powerful, but the hardware requirement was very unfriendly. As soon as I discovered Linux, I lured to it. Some guys joked, alike “Bob Hawke’s move from Hazel to Blanche[1][2]“. The evolution is mazy journey. In early days, It is not ordinary users’ tool. Not easy to install, hardware and drive suitability were poor. Now, in particular, major credit to the Ubuntn (Ebuntn, Xbuntn etc), linux almost becomes everyone’s toy if you want to try. However, I still am loyal to redhat tribe, although it evolves to fedora 13. Here is summary of this configuration for my fedora 13.


System:Fedora 13 i386:


Office:Openoffice writer, calc, presentation etc:

Email:evolution:Use Davmail to connect to MS exchange 2007, evolution-mapi should work now, but not stable

Browser :Firefox 3.0:Many add-ons, such gmail manager, noscript, adblock, Bbdict etc

Messenger:Pidigin, empathy:

Voip :Twinkle:For mynetfone service

Audio player:Audicious:

Pad desktop:Jpilot, pilot-link:


Chinese input:Ibus:

Video player:Mplayer, gmplayer:

CD/DVD writer:k3b:Need ffmpeg for mp3 files

Image viewer:Gthumb, ImageMagic (display convert etc), picasa

Wine:Installed MS office 2000 and a patch from MS to open Office 2007 documents :

Web Storage:SugarSync:windows file manager works well on wine

Web Storage:Dropbox and Adrive:   Don’t use much)

VirtualBox:Windows Xp installed:For serious word precess

Network:Network service :For desktop (stable cable connection)

Network: NetowrkManager:For laptop, move between home and work, and other wifi and mobile broadband

Mobile Broadband:Vodafone:NetworkManager manages it well. For SMS, use vodafone-mobile-connect


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