Palm Tungsten 5 — my vintage gadget

Palm Tungsten 5 had its glory in history. I have this toy since 1999 (??). I liked it functionalities and slim design.

In fact this is the second one I had. The first one was good, but screen was damaged. Repairing it costed more than a 2nd hand one from ebay. I got the second one with a SD wifi card, quite a reliable gadget. Of course, I used it as PDA for contact, calendar, Memo, Task etc. Last year, I purchased a GPS receiver with bluetooth. I installed a piece of software “PathAway”. This gave T5 a new leave of life as GPS navigator. I created my own map using google map. This software offers 15 days free evaluation. I took advantage of it, as I am not a serious user’ other wise, it is worth to purchase this software, you can create your own updated map (road, satellite etc). I have  abit trick to work around of the 15 days of evaluation. When the evaluation period expired, I did hard reset PDA to start all over.

Unfortunate, one day in last summer, I left the GPS receiver in car. After a day of baked in car, the receiver’s batter was died for ever. No point to get another GPS receiver.

I also use a lot of the SD wifi card when I travel. It’s handy to surf web and check email. The vintage toy is still alive. I love it!! There is a bit support info at the palm web site.

One of the main reasons I addict to Palm T5 is due to jpilot. Jpilot is a linux equivalent palm desktop.   Very nice work by the developers.


3 responses to “Palm Tungsten 5 — my vintage gadget

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