manually install and use perl module locally (without cpan)

I want calculate days, Date::Calc is a good choice.

After a list of tests, I drew a chain of dependences

Date::Calc =>
Carp::Clan => Test::Exception => Sub::Uplevel

Dowload all tar files at

The basic installation steps are

1 tarzxvf file.tar.gz
2 cd to folder

3 perl Makefile.PL
4 make
5 make test
6 make install

The order for installation is the reverse to the dependence chain, Sub::Uplevel, Test::Exception, Carp::Clan, Bit::Vector, then Date::Calc.

Sub::Uplevel is the first to be installed.  Following first 5 steps, the last step 6, “make install’ need to be twisted.
I just copied lib/Sub to my local perl module folder

rsync -avl lib/Sub ~/perl_mod/

To install Test::Exception, do steps 1 and 2, add this line
use lib “$ENV{‘HOME’}/perl_mod”;

to Makefile.PL, just after line

use ExtUtils::MakeMaker;
then, complete steps 3 to 5, the test step may be fail, because Sub::Uplevel is not at the default location, don’t worry, just

rsync -avl lib/Test ~/perl_mod/

Repeat procedures for Carp::Clan and Bit::Vector, finally for Date::Calc

remember to call these locally installed modules, you must have one line at the beginning to your perl program

use lib “$ENV{‘HOME’}/perl_mod”;

After all of this, I want calculate how many days I have lived in this world.

My date of birth is 1897-12-21, Today is 2055-08-23

use lib "$ENV{'HOME'}/perl_mod";
use Date::Calc qw(:all);
@birthdate = (1897, 12,21);
@today = (2055,8,23);
$days = Delta_Days(@birthdate,@today);
($y,$m,$d) = N_Delta_YMD (@birthdate,@today);
printf "you have lived in this world for %d days or %d years, %d months and %d days\n", $days, $y,$m,$d;
exit 0;

it said

you have lived in this world for 57588 days or 157 years, 8 months and 2 days


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