Journey along the Macleay Valley via Armidale-Kempsey Road

We had a trip to South West Rocks and Arakoon and enjoyed the breath-taking views of Smoke Cape Lighthouse and The Old Gaol. We took Armidale-Kempsey Road as the return route. This trip could be simply described as “pretty but very difficult”. We passed a number of sections of bluffs. The road is very very narrow, car passing is impossible. One side is the cliff with possible falling rocks, the other side is bare edge where I could see and hear rapids of the river, may be 100 meters deep. I did wish my “boos” could drive  and let me walk out this section. This option was impossible. My most memorable impression is that this road  is full of signs: “Very Narrow Road”, “Falling Rocks”, “Unfenced road”, Slipping  Preceding with cautions etc.

This driving was very scary and challenging. I guess I don’t want this experience any more. On the way, there are a number of very nice camping sites. The most impressive one is at Bass Lodge. Honestly, I have to give up this desire of camping at the Bass Lodge, simply because of the scary driving experiences.

Nice camping site near Bass Lodge

The Styx River Bridge

A few historic snapshots from “New England Australia”

A family trip to Port Macquare

Armidale Kempsey Road Bullock Drays 1920s


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