Migrate Palm Memos/Calendar to Android (Snasung Galaxy S I9000)


In my linux system, jpilot is the palm desktop. to transfer memos to Snasung Galaxy S I9000, simple steps are

in jpilot, export all memos as csv file memos1.csv

exclude the 2nd field “private as

awk ‘BEGIN {RS=”\”\n”; FS=”\”,\””}  {print $1 “\”,\””  $3 “\””  }’  memos1.csv > memos2.csv

use bluetooth to transfer  this file to Galaxy phone

download “Note Everything” from android market (free version) and install it

import palm memos on “Note Everything”

if you want to edit note in text editor and import it into Note Everything, save your text in 2 fields

“Category”, “Contents”

if you are windows users refer to “Get your Palm Memos onto your Android phone in 7 easy steps!”



to transfer calandar from jpilot to Android powered Galaxy I9000 is simply a transferring to gmail

Export calendar from jpilot to a icalendar file, use evolution’s coponent to inport to gmail as psoted here


3 responses to “Migrate Palm Memos/Calendar to Android (Snasung Galaxy S I9000)

  1. I’m using a program called B-Folders. Managed to migrate all my memos and addresses from Palm Desktop. B-Folders has versions for Android, Windows, MAc and even Linux!!! All can sync without a could. Business, Personal etc. became folders when I imported, but folders are even better cause one can create a deep hierarchy of memos. I’m very happy because I can sync with USB cable like Palm and also over Wi-Fi. Their support rocks. They replied to all my emails within an hour. Compare that to PayPal support 🙂


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