configure NetComm NB6Plus4Wn for TPG IPTV

Configuration of NetComm Modem/Router for TPG IPTV

This precess should work for NB5plus4W or an NB9W or a G604T, and Dynalink RTA1320

Advanced > Internet > IGMP Proxy >
For pppoe_8_35_1 – TICK IGMP Proxy Enabled. Apply.

Advanced > Internet > Connections > Add

VPI: 0
VCI: 35
Service Category: UBR without PCR

Protocol: Bridging
Encapsulation Type: LLC/SNAP
Enable QoS: Turn this OFF
Enable 802.1Q VLAN Tagging: Leave this off

WAN IP – leave as None.

VPI / VCI : 0 / 35
Service Category : UBR
Connection Type : Bridge LLC/SNAP, QoS Off.
Finish – you must click Finish for the modem to reboot loading these new settings.
2 minutes later – IPTV is running.


Here is NetComm’s guide


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