Password pretected files in Linux

In windows, zip can compresses, encrypts (password-protect) files. The same can be done in Linux, (even more)

for eamples

tar cvpf Pics.tar Pictures/

gpg -c -o Pics.tar.gpg  Pics.tar

or in one line

tar cvp Pictures/ | gpg -c -o Pics.tar.gpg

password is asked twice

to un-tar or use files of the tar,

first decrypt this file

gpg –decrypt -o out.tar Pics.tar.gpg

password is asked

then uncompress/un-tar files

tar xvf out.tar

or in one line

gpg –decrypt Pics.tar.gpg | tar xvf  –

password is asked prior to further actions

Of course, there are more options  in gpg applications


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