“Gostwyck Chapel” 新英格兰地区一个非常精致小教堂

“Gostwyck Chapel” 一个小教堂, 是新英格兰地区非常精致的景点。它是1921年由新英格兰地区最早的定居者“Dangar”家族为纪念一战阵亡的亲人Clive Collingwood Dangar上校而建。 周围由200棵榆树长廊环绕。 每年都有四季准确的颜色变化。 非常漂亮!

Gostwyck Chapel, on the Gostwyck Road between Uralla and Armidale. It’s a very delegate and breathtaking scenic attraction in New England region. It’s officially known as ‘All Saints Anglican Church’.  Gostwyck Chapel was built in 1921 in memory of Major Clive Collingwood Dangar who lost his life during WWI. The chapel was constructed entirely of bricks made and fired on Gostwyck Station. The stone wall surrounding the chapel was built to protect it from flood waters from the nearby Salisbury Waters. The magnificent tree lined avenue of 200 Elms was planted by a worker who was brought out from England specifically for the task. The chapel is wonderful for photography, the colours changing through the seasons. Misty mornings are stunning


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